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Comments in Word feels "jumpy" which causes people to lose track of comments or even perceive they have lost their comment data completely.


Summer 2019

How can we design and ship a modernized commenting and collaboration experience in Word, and ensure long-time Word users are able to transition to the new experience with as little pain and disruption as possible?

Making Change

2019 - 2021

"Seattle Street Art" is designed to address the problems & opportunities posed by graffiti in the city of Seattle. 

Crime, hate and disrepair tend to dominate perceptions of graffiti, but plenty of “illegal” art also represents unheard voices, neglected systemic problems or other topics of significance to the community. The complex dynamics surrounding graffiti & street art rose higher in Seattle's public consciousness during the 2020 Pandemic, as it became more prolific; boarded up buildings were decorated with murals, graffiti increased around public protests over racial injustice, and in many ways this art--sanctioned or not--made visible the mood that was felt so deeply by the city's people. 

While the expressions of street art might reflect a shared mood, there isn't a real way for communities to engage in discussion about art in their community. As a result, they are largely cut out of decisions about when art should be allowed vs removed, these decisions often falling to public officials, including police. 

What if the power of art to connect and express the values of a community were solidified via a digital-physical platform designed to facilitate discussion about local graffiti and street art?

Prototyping Vision

June 2021

How does TraxSolutions terminology, and its workflows, impact new users’ ability to find and modify Cases?

Usability in Complexity

Winter 2021

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